ConlangDictionary Changelog

Version 0.3

March 19 2014

  • Fixed bug with word tab for imported XML databases.
  • Made phonology parsing much faster on the phonotactics tab.

March 18 2014

  • Fixed bug where searching on the word tab would mess up the display.
  • Now allows contextual spelling representations.
  • Accents can now replace other accents.
  • Spaces are now ignored automatically by the parser.
  • Edit phonology dialog now allows you to edit previous syllables.
  • Program will no longer create formatted text in the database you will have to retype anything that already outputs formatting, though).
  • Word page now behaves properly when you update the phonology of a word.
  • Unbroke text importing.
  • It is now possible to clear just the wordlist instead of the whole dictionary.

March 17 2014

  • Adding a phoneme now also adds a default spelling.
  • Word tab is now alphabetical.
  • Fixed bug with word tab not updating things correctly.
  • Fixed bug with editing features not resulting in parses afterwards.

March 15 2014

  • Massive backend overhaul: now uses local SQLite database.
  • Search is on the word tab now.
  • Phonemes now have features; words have features instead of type/subtype. You can import and export features independently from the dictionary.
  • Discovered and killed insideous pointer-related logic error that may have caused various phoneme problems in newly-created dictionaries that had not yet been loaded from a savefile. But then I rewrote the backend to not use pointers anyway, so uh. It was still something I fixed.
  • Phonotactics can now be specified using natural classes.
  • There is now a button for translating XSAMPA into IPA on the phonemes tab. (Lookup table compiled by Zoris and borrowed from his ConlangIDE code.)
  • You can now tell CD to override Windows' native codepage and import CSV files using UTF-8.
  • Bloated last tab has been reorganized into more traditional menu system.
  • You can now set the default path that CD will try to open files in.
  • You can now specify a file to open on the command line.

Version 0.2

May 24 2010

  • Save/Load tab is smarter about suggesting files to save to.
  • Phonotactics will now ignore specified characters.
  • Type is now shown on the wordlist.
  • Slightly context-sensitive phonology parsing implemented.
  • Application font can now be set on the last page (restart to actually see changes). Default is DejaVu Sans.
  • Manually adding <squareBrackets /> to the .cdic file (inside the top-level <conlang> tag) will cause the dictionary to use square brackets instead of slashes.

May 11 2010

  • Words input from text files will now accept punctuation and spaces in the word field.
  • You can now export to text file without necessarily exporting the word field. (durr, sorry about that)
  • Multiple phonemes and words can be selected (with shift) and manipulated simultaneously.
  • Edit phonology dialog will allow you to edit phonology when phonotactics are turned off.

March 13 2010

  • Deleting phonemes bug fixed for reals now.
  • Words generated with no phonology will now be analyzed as CVCV(C). Yeah, it sucks.

February 26 2010

  • Wordlists can now be loaded from or saved to a text or CSV file.
  • Partial wordlists can now be loaded from existing dictionary files.
  • Language name is now stored in savefile (set it on the last tab)
  • It is now possible to opt out of phonotactical restrictions on the phonotactics page.
  • Sanity check: Attempting to generate more than 1000 clusters on the phonotactics page now results in an error message (if you need more than about 500, you're probably better off just opting out of phonotactics restrictions anyway).
  • The dialog for choosing sequences of phonemes has been optimized for displaying larger number numbers of sequences (YMMV based on your screen size).
  • Deleting phonemes and suprasegmentals that are referenced in many places will now result in all references being properly removed rather than a crash.

August 29 2009

  • Fixed bug where program would crash when saving phonotactics involving coda clusters.

August 21 2009

  • Suprasegmentals tab added.
  • Phonotactics tab added.
  • A couple buttons on the words tab are now properly disabled in circumstances where clicking them would cause a crash.
  • Phonological representations are now loaded correctly.
  • Problem where changing the spelling of a word did not change its place in the list was fixed.
  • It is now possible to specify an alphabetic order for phonemes.
  • Savefile format is now in XML.
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