There are currently two main conworlding projects I'm working on, along with probably some occasional other artifacts I'll come up with from time to time, and a collaborative conworld project which isn't hosted here, and which I may link to in good time if I've got something major to show for it.


This is a low-fantasy conworld (so, in other words, no strange and inexplicable magic, and no (intentional) violations of the laws of physics). I'm currently focusing on one small part of it containing several small pre-industrial cultures. My intent is to play with diachronics a bit, especially with regard to religion.


A magical conworld, particularly where time travel is concerned. My original focus was thinking about how tenses in languages used by time travellers would work, but I'm eventually going to expand that into something that feels more natural and less gimmicky. Due to the nature of time travel, very little effort will be put into any kind of diachronics, and the language may be lacking somewhat in naturalness as well.


Currently just includes my Omphalos religion sketch, which may wind up being included in the collaborative project.

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