SimSheet Changelog

Version 0.5

February 6 2009

(Really really last 0.5 update.)

  • Fixed issue where clicking on sims with no set aspiration caused an infinite loop.
  • Changed simList storage back into indexed lists because iterators drive me crazy.
  • Fixed issue where adding babies by townies did not actually work anymore.
  • Sim descriptions now wrap.

December 21 2008

  • CSV files are read correctly now, really!

December 3 2008

  • Settings are now saved in a config file (simsheet.conf) that can be edited by hand if so desired.
  • Fixed bug where reimporting sims already in the list caused their family info to be erased.

November 29 2008

(Last projected update of v0.5.)

  • Aspiration page works, with tracking for aspiration and LTW over the course of the sim's life. Sims imported from SimPE will have numbers for LTWs; Inge tells me this will change eventually.
  • Made a minor change that should hopefully make longer lists load faster.

November 25 2008

  • Images work! Yay!
  • Fixed a bug where family info was not saving properly.
  • Changed the way SimPE output is read so as to be compatible with past and future output versions.

November 24 2008

  • SimSheet can now import from output files made with SimPE QA 0.73.18
  • "At Large" household changed to "Townies and Dormies" for clarification.
  • Households added as a column in the main List of Sims.

November 13 2008

  • Added more descriptive households for townies.
  • Changed location of SimPE output to the SimSheet folder.

November 11 2008

  • Starting the filter dialog will no longer randomly crash the application.
  • Did some minor housekeeping in importdialog.cpp.
  • Import Dialog should not have trouble detecting hoods in games installed on other drives.
  • Imported sims are now the right age.
  • Imported Baby through Child sims will be listed as having the Grow Up aspiration instead of an Unknown aspiration.

November 10 2008

  • The Import Dialog now has buttons for deselecting sims by type.

November 9 2008

  • Townies and NPCs should now all be imported into the At Large household.
  • Importing is now extremely much faster.

November 7 2008

  • Checking the appropriate box in the LM dialog will allow you to import directly from a previously generated output file rather than running SimPE again.
  • SimPE imports will now check the current list and update sims with relevant NIDs.
  • Import progress is now shown with a progress bar.
  • Playable/Non-Playable filters added.
  • Extraneous "Add Household" button has been axed.
  • The household field in the Add and Edit Sim Dialogs is now an editable drop-down box.
  • A pop-up now confirms a successful save.
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